Negroamaro, a wine which unveils the treasures of Puglia

The fragrance of land and sun, wind and crystal clear sea - Puglia in a glass. Dark red, black and bitter, like the uncertain origin of its name, but with a unique and distinct flavour of Salento, the vast territory which is the birthplace of Negroamaro di Terra d’Otranto. A red wine, classified PDO, which fully identifies with this region and, in particular, with the provinces of Lecce, Brindisi and Taranto.
A red wine, distinct and elegant, to drink through the meal. It is a perfect match for the characteristic dishes of Puglia, in particular gnummarieddi, rolls filled with offal, and Salento-style Aubergine Parmesan.  
Blended with Malvasia grapes, Negroamaro transforms into a fully fragrant rosé wine; excellent as an aperitif by the sea with a plate of regional panzerotti (savoury turnovers filled with tomato and mozzarella), dressed with extra virgin olive oil Colline di Brindisi PDO to raise a glass to the thousand-year-old marriage between the vines of Puglia and the regional cuisine dominated by simple flavours. Flavours to discover, travelling all year round between the two seas of "Italy’s heel", as this area of Italy is known. This is home to olive trees and the vineyards of this wine which reveal the secrets of the enchanting locations to visit along the sun-kissed and uncontaminated coast that stretches from the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea.
In Brindisi, the Aragonese Castle and the older Swabian Castle, both a few steps from the sea, are a must-see. A sea of a thousand and more shades of sky blue and green which enchants and attracts tourists each year from every corner of the globe.
Lovers of cultural itineraries and baroque magnificence will adore Lecce, a rich open-air deposit of art and thousand-year-old traditions with its historic centre which starts from piazza Sant’Oronzo, patron saint of the city, with the Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Croce.
The last leg of our journey, in the footsteps of Negroamaro, is Taranto. From the ancient town with the Aragonese Castle to defend the port as far as the National archaeological museum, it is a trail along which to discover the restaurants (here the full list of eateries throughout Puglia with the brand Italian Hospitality) that carry on the ultra-centennial tradition of serving raw seafood.