Around Naples: a heart pounding at sixty likes a minute

Sixty likes per minute. Just like the beats of a heart pulsating with every photo shot, every moment stolen and shared with millions of surfing tourists. This is the new frontier of emotions across the web. But the emotions themselves are created now as they were a thousand and more years ago. How? Through travel, by reaching a destination - the city of Naples - and capturing with your heart (and your smartphone connected to internet) a hidden corner along the narrow streets of the old town, or the look on the face of an artisan as he creates the statue of a shepherd. Eleven journalists with a wealth of reporting on food and tourism experienced for "Italianfoodxp" the unique excitement imparted by a  tour through Naples’  old city centre and the churches in the soft  underbelly of the city of Parthenope.

Three days, a weekend enjoying the pleasant warmth of September, and the opportunity to conquer the hearts of their fans and to share city on the web the many souls of a city just waiting to be discovered.

Armed with cameras and notebooks (taking notes on the places visited, the names of streets or churches is good for both the brain and the heart) they enjoyed a short but intense itinerary (at sixty likes and more a minute), inviting everyone, ancient and modern navigators, to follow in their steps after they arrived fresh in Naples.

The trip starts in the historical centre, Piazza del Gesù. Just a short distance, but rich with the noises of the streets leading to the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella and along the Decumano that splits the city in two (if you ask for ‘Spaccanapoli’ you will always find someone to point you in the right direction) until you reach the Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara. Then a stroll along the streets of palazzi and baroque churches preserved and protected by UNESCO – bearing in mind that the historic centre of Naples is the largest in Europe - and admiring the many open-air treasures that you can then share with the world through a click.

If you choose a holiday in Naples you become both instantly and forever, a world ambassador for this city. Ask around, when wandering through the alleys to the Via dei Tribunali, if you can taste a “ministeriali”, an aristocratic sweet less famous than the babà or pastiera, but with a history you should discover and share. And later enjoy a Neapolitan pizza; the best  in the world. Cooked in a wood oven and topped with the DOP buffalo mozzarella. The day after you leave the city, like a faithful  lover. To then return immediately after an unforgettable visit to the Ruins of Herculaneum at Ercolano. Look upwards;  just before your eyes meet the sky you see the volcano. Perhaps the most famous and most photographed in the world. Vesuvius. You should climb to the top, up to the crater that offers panoramic views of the Gulf. Actually, of two gulfs. Your gaze will stretch to Salerno, across the Sorrento peninsula and to the horizon where you can admire Capri, Ischia and Procida, islands  that tempt you to climb aboard a ferry or hydrofoil for a dream trip. Worthwhile, even for just a few hours. As you wake up the next day, head for the hills. To Castel Sant 'Elmo to observe the city from on high and visit the museum and the Certosa di San Martino. And then you leave with a heart full of memories, and beating as never before. So much better than sixty likes a minute...