Matera European Capital of Culture in 2019

People have been living here, in the cave-houses of the Sassi, for eight thousand years. We want to think about the next thousand.

A challenge that was immediately taken up by the EU Council of Ministers that selected Matera to be a European Capital of Culture for 2019.

Today, the town of the Rocks, or Sassi, is a splendid cultural laboratory where new technologies can be tested. It stands as one of southern Italy’s best known tourist attractions and a culinary destination that enables you to discover the typical products of Basilicata that you can taste in the traditional regional recipes and dishes served in the restaurants Ospitalità Italiana.

Here in Matera time continues to flow slowly and the coveted recognition coming from Europe has importantly provided an opportunity to pull together all the Southern areas overlooked by the world.

An ambitious cultural program, marked not by a burst of single events, but with a wealth of opportunities for interaction and sharing that aim to strengthen the roots of a model of development that mixes older and modern practices.

Thus, the centuries-old festival of the “Festa della Bruna” offers an opportunity to digitize the cultural heritage archive and share it online through a TV channel. The watchword here in Matera is “co-working”. We work for the community and for the tourists that as visitors, even just for a day, have the opportunity to join in a great, international cultural project.

Matera wishes to demonstrate that art, economy and environment are part of a whole by inviting the city’s many expected visitors to re-think the true meaning of cultural citizenship and to bring it to life. How? Firstly, by bringing the “Sassi” closer once again to the city. Starting from the alleys where families once took their Matera bread to bake in public ovens, and where its leavening was a ritual handed down from father to son. Today this community culture exists alongside the futuristic Space Geodesy Centre. A deep-rooted culture that you can discover along the narrow, whitewashed streets of the Sassi but also in the fragrance of Basilicata’s typical dishes. As you enjoy a food and wine tour that sets off from Matera,  don’t forget to taste the Caciocavallo Silano and Canestrato di Moliterno cheeses, both ideally washed down with a glass of Aglianico del Vulture, then move on to the regional capital of Potenza with  its interesting historic centre and the Cathedral of San Gerardo. Take time out for a trip into the Lucan mountains to Melfi, where you can visit the medieval castle dating from Norman times.

The success of Matera as European Capital of Culture lies in its ability to increase the number of tourists not only to the city but to the whole region. Moreover,  this corner of the South primarily attracts European tourists who choose to travel to this special place in order to enjoy a unique experience that enables each new guest to become a “cultural resident”, namely a responsible and knowledgeable citizen who recognises culture as a primary and inalienable good.

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