The promotion of quality food and wines and tourist itineraries arrives in Reggio Calabria

On the morning of Friday, September 30 quality agri-food and tourism operators in Reggio Calabria met foreign buyers during the workshop. Each producer presented their typical and certified products: oil, wine, preserves, pickles, sweets etc., concludingB2B meetings with successful negotiations. Take a look at the gallery!


On the afternoon of Friday, September 30 local tourism operators, foreign buyers and members of the foreign specialized press took part in a tour to discover the cultural excellence of Reggio, visiting the museum to see the famous Riace Bronzes, taking a scenic stroll along the promenade and visiting the cathedral. 


On the morning of Saturday, October 1 all the participants in the initiative visited the famous Roman Villa in Casignana, an ancient spa centre with a rich collection of colourful mosaics. The next stop was at a local winery specializing in the production of the “nectar of the gods”, the prized Vino Greco, where they enjoyed a tour of the wine-cellar and wine tastings paired with dry pastries. Take a look at the gallery!




On the afternoon of Saturday, October 1, the attendees went to Gerace, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, for lunch at the Agriturismo Barone Macrì and a tour of the farm. There followed a sightseeing tour of the old town, the famous Cathedral and the Church of San Francesco, and finally a stop at the Bergamotteria to taste products made from bergamot. Take a look at the gallery!