Leverage on the strong food & wine based tourism trade (fifth pillar of international tourism demand) to promote protected designation of origin (DOP) and organic (BIO) certified farm produce and the regions of southern Italy, using a single integrated platform through the network of “Italian Hospitality” certified Italian restaurants around the world.

It is the first international initiative which brings together the areas and tourist destinations of the six regions of the south (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily) and the excellence of certified production - protected designation of origin (DOP) and protected geographical indication (IGP) for food and denomination of controlled origin (DOC), controlled and guaranteed designation of origin (DOCG) and typical geographical indication (IGT) for wine - through a promotional and commercial activity in 12 European Countries (U.K., Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria).

The project involves 110 in-house staff - ISNART (National Institute for Research on Tourism), the southern Italian Chamber of Commerce and International Chamber of Commerce -, as well as external resources. 

The initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, promotes:

  • the network of Italian Hospitality certified Italian Restaurants around the world  
  • the typical food and wine products with mark of origin (DOP, IGP, STG (Traditional specialty guaranteed) for food, DOC, DOCG, IGT for wines) and organic products
  • tourist appeal of the six Italian regions of southern Italy

through promotional and commercial activities in Italy and abroad


  1. increase the tourist appeal of southern Italy (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia) and of Italy as a whole
  2. promote southern Italian traditions
  3. promote Italian farm produce (especially certified Mediterranean products)
  4. enhance the national food culture, especially abroad
  5. support young entrepreneurs of southern Italy
  6. bolster and maximise the network of Italian  Restaurants around the World (RIM)
  7. combat food counterfeiting and Italian sounding




  • Agri-food companies managed by young people under the age of 40 and private and public tour operators of southern Italy
  • Italian Hospitality certified Italian restaurants around the world
  • Foreign buyers/importers/distributors
  • International tour operators
  • Foreign journalists and bloggers


International PROMOTION

15 events (food and wine weeks) in 12 European countries between September and October 2016

200 Ospitalità Italiana certified restaurants in EU countries involved in the food and wine weeks

9 million customers/year of Ospitalità Italiana restaurants in the 12 countries involved

200 thousand customers of Ospitalità Italiana certified restaurants during the food and wine weeks

2034 Ospitalità Italiana certified restaurants in 60 countries around the world